2022 fall foliage maps predict when leaves will peak in Illinois – NBC Chicago

As fall unfolds, many leaf watchers may be wondering when crisp, warm-toned leaves will make their way to Illinois.

Well, several fall foliage maps have emerged to give an estimated glimpse of when the greenery will begin to glow with new golden hues.

According to the state tourist board, peak fall color typically arrives the second week of October in the Chicago area and along the Mississippi River, with central Illinois seeing peak color in the middle of the month. months and the southern part of the state reaching its peak. in the last week of the month.

This year, however, the fall colors may arrive a little later than usual.

Smoky Mountains, a travel service that provides information on lodging and other activities around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, has a map that shows its estimated arrival date for peak fall colors across the country. , and the picture it paints for the Chicago area is one that points to a later-than-usual peak season.

According to the Smoky Mountains map, Kenosha County in Wisconsin and Lake County in Illinois could potentially peak around their normal hours, peaking in the first or second week of October. .

As for the rest of the state, things seem to be a little delayed this year.

The second week of October could potentially see parts of northern Illinois, including Cook County and most of the area along the Illinois-Wisconsin border, hit a “partial” color change pattern. . Fall colors could also begin to appear in central Illinois during this week, putting it on track to peak later than normal during the month.

In fact, the color spike in the Chicago area may not occur until the week of October 24, according to the map. This “peak” belt through the Midwest will also include northern Indiana, including the five Hoosier State counties in NBC viewing area 5.

By Halloween, the Chicago area could pass its peak, and much of Illinois, including LaSalle, Kendall, Grundy, Will and Kankakee counties, could finally see its peak.

By Nov. 7, most of the state will be past its peak colors, while southern Illinois should be hitting its stride at that point.

While the science of predicting fall leaf color changes is inaccurate, several factors could lead to a later than usual fall peak in the state. This includes a period of drier than normal weather, as well as a warmer than normal start to the fall, which is predicted by the National Weather Service.

The Illinois Fall Colors Report will be updated as the season progresses, and residents are encouraged to check frequently for the latest updates on when the fall colors will be the best. more majestic.

The report also includes information on some of the best places in the state to see fall foliage, including Starved Rock State Park.

Farmer’s Almanac named Pere Marquette State Park in west-central Illinois the eighth best place in the United States to experience fall foliage.

As a “nature lover’s paradise”, the park will offer views of the rolling leaves against a backdrop of wooded ravines and roads along the Illinois River. Explorers can also take advantage of the land’s towering cliffs, which will offer panoramic views of the lush landscape that engulfs the park’s 12-mile trail.

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