UK weather maps show 28C heat wave in Azores heading towards Britain


Temperatures could rise again in August thanks to high pressures coming from the Azores into the Atlantic Ocean.

After a wet end this month, the latest heat maps from Netweather show the 27C heat could hit Kent and London on Friday, August 13.

Other parts of the country, including Hertfordshire, Essex, Manchester and the Yorkshire Dales, could see temperatures reaching 26 ° C, reports the Express.

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Temperatures could rise again a day later as 28C hit London, Kent, Norwich and Essex on Saturday August 14.

In the South West, temperatures could reach 24 ° C in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Brian Gaze, forecaster at Weather Outlook, said the high pressure in the Azores could potentially help temperatures reach the upper 20C in the coming weeks.

He told “There are tentative signs of an improvement in the weather in the middle of the third August.

“High pressure may build up towards the UK from the Azores, but there is a lot of uncertainty about that.

“If that happens, temperatures in the southern and central regions could climb to the upper 20C and in the north the middle 20C.”

Gaze’s monthly forecast also added that “very hot spells” could arrive towards the end of the month.

He said: “In the first half of August, mixed with showers or longer periods of rain but also hot and thin periods.

“The driest weather is likely to be in the south and east, but an increased risk of heavy showers or thunderstorms means that local variations could be significant.

“Temperatures are expected to be above average when aggregated over the entire period. During the second half, the chances of stable and very hot periods increase.

“Rain showers are still likely, especially in the north and west.”

Hot air could be coming from the Azores (Photo: Netweather)

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey predicted that “warmer periods” would sweep the country in August.

She told “The start of the month is expected to remain changeable with temperatures most likely close to normal for the time of year or slightly cooler.

“During the second half of the month, there is a tentative signal for more stable conditions to develop with high pressure becoming slightly more likely.

“If that happens, we could see drier conditions, although there is still a risk of showers or thunderstorms at times, and temperatures could warm up from the middle of the month, which would increase the temperatures. chances of warmer waves developing.

“It is too early to say if these temperatures will reach scorching thresholds.”

The BBC’s long-term forecast also indicated that mixed conditions could arise early in the month, before “summer weather” arrives.

The forecast read: “More frequent Atlantic weather fronts are expected as August approaches, which will make the weather rather changeable from day to day.

“There will likely be a few drier, sunnier and warmer days between the fronts, but these won’t tend to last too long.

“However, later in August there are more and more signals for more influential high pressure, so we might see more summery weather to close the month.

“We expect the low pressure to move further to northern Europe later in August, which should gradually allow the high pressure to dry things out and bring warmer, sunny days to the region. end of August.

“It should be a slow process, but for the second half of the month we expect a greater likelihood of drier, sunnier weather.”

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